New Commercial LED Products Draw Positive Response at Electrical EXPO

Every two years, the North Central Electrical League (NCEL) hosts an EXPO giving attendees an opportunity to explore a variety of lighting, battery, ventilation, lamp, tool, and other electrical products and solutions. START Lighting was in attendance this April, displaying new commercial LED products along with some proven performers for prospects and customers.

The Minneapolis, MN EXPO is more than just another place to set up a company booth. With attendance numbers over 10,000, START Lighting was able to market to a several critical customer groups: ESCOs, distributors, and individual customers, who specifically visited the show to seek out innovative lighting products—and who were ready to place orders immediately.


The Upper Midwest Electrical EXPO offers “a good opportunity for us [to put] our face in front of the customer,” said Mike Rainsberger, VP of Operations at START Lighting.

START Lighting brought more options to this year’s show, displaying HID and panel light modules in addition to canopy, shoebox, area lights, and interior models.

At the EXPO, attendees were able to see the impressive abilities of the HID model, which boasts a 50,000-hour lifespan, 360° illumination and can operate in extreme conditions (from -20°F to 140°F). Applications include streets, parks, campuses and apartment complexes, and consume 75% less energy than standard HID lamps. Additionally, START’s HIDs can be installed as new or retrofitted in already established fixture environments.

Panel light fixtures impressed show-goers as well. With a 50,000-hour lifespan and 50% less energy used than with standard fluorescent lamps, this model also is more energy efficient than standard fluorescent lamps and helps promote stress-free surroundings.

Rainsberger was pleased that, “we had a good response [at the EXPO] to these products.” Customers appreciated the increased durability of these models, offering the user more uniform lighting, excellent optics and an all-around pleasing quality.

Innovations are an integral part of START Lighting’s business. Expect a new wave of LED lighting advancements at the next EXPO!