START Lighting Custom Solutions

Customize Your Lighting Project to its Completion

Not all lighting solutions are created equal. And they needn’t be, because not all lighting projects can support standard fixtures. You can only shim and squeeze so much before you must resign yourself to a certain design (all because it is the only one that fits). It becomes all too clear that customizing the solution in the beginning would have been much easier on the budget and project timeline.

But the need to customize lighting solutions can come at any time in a project. This means that a completely new lighting design or a retrofit project might arise, planned and unplanned. Either way, the ability to create a specialized solution can help achieve exactly the form and function you are needing.

Save Time and Money

Creating custom solutions means that mounting assembly headaches, wattage and color adjustments and lengthy time to market are hurdles of the past. START Lighting can build a lighting solution to fit your needs – to help you reduce your installation time as well as your labor costs. This is highly desirable over waiting until the project is complete, to only then discover that the lighting brightness is all wrong for the desired conditions. It is equivalent to doing the project twice (which means twice the budget).

One-Size-Fits all No More

Standard fixtures offer but a limited range of lighting options. START Lighting can offer Intelligent Control Solutions that allow you to adjust light levels and modify conditions to your specifications. Custom LED lamp modifications are also available in terms of Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), wattage, lighting color, drivers, lumen output, input wattage, lighting spectrum, Ingress Protection Rating (IP Rating) and Color Rendering Index (CRI).

Customization can include: a need for more natural light, hue, or vividness, which can be solved through CRI adjustment; or an input wattage modification due to a retrofit; or safety adjustments to enclosures to certify specific environmental protection levels.

Other custom LED lighting fixture considerations are indoor and outdoor lighting designs. Each of these have different operational requirements and protection standards. Harsh outside conditions can wreak havoc on housings, enclosures and mounts. START Lighting offers adjustments to their fixtures—making them highly shock and water-resistant.


Another common area for customization concerns mounting. From the desire to match previously or currently mounted housings and fixtures, to limited functional space, specialized mounting assemblies help ensure uniformity and secure installation.

When Adequate Doesn’t Cut it

Don’t settle for the lighting solution that just “fits” your needs. Instead, customize the design so form, fit and function are fully utilized and fully operational. The experts at START Lighting have the experience to assist with your flexible lighting needs. We can recommend, design and make a variety of fixture adjustments to meet your customization desires.

Ready to customize your designs in a construction or retrofit project? Visit the START Lighting Custom Services page and fill out the request form to get started.