Case Study: Area/Shoebox Luminaire

Area/Shoebox Luminaire

Standardization Opportunity: Area/Shoebox Luminaire

We started to work with a facility group for the lighting needs for one of their commercial properties and the surrounding parking lots. As we went through the facilities, comments were made about the lack of uniformity among the lighting. The shoeboxes didn’t match from facility- to -facility, and the area lights did not resemble (in form and function) the shoeboxes. The area looked like each fixture was installed at a different time and the aesthetics did not reflect well on the facility. The facility management group and the developer wanted a contemporary style to match the building’s image.

We shared ideas, garnered more information regarding desired lighting needs including coloration, angle beam, mounting sources and more, and delivered a solution that addressed all of the client’s needs.

We used our shoebox format which features:

  • Hi-Efficiency Integral Driver
  • HI-Lumen SMD chipset / 50,000+ hour lifespan
  • IP65 Wet Location Rated
  • Available in: 100W / 200W / 300W with a color temperature of 5000K

We added multiple mounting options including photocells, short circuit caps and quick install mountings.

After that was completed, we used the same fixtures and added separate mounting options which could be secured to the ground and wash the sides of the buildings. The fixtures were shipped with each unique mounting affixed to the appropriate fixture for installation.

For more information, check out our Engineered Lighting Solutions or, for more product information, view our catalog.

Silhouette II Highbay 240w 600

Case Study: Silhouette

Engineered Solutions Opportunity: Silhouette Series


A national client was seeking specific functionality for a high-bay fixture.  They needed varying degrees of beam angles, motion sensors, 0-10v dimming and glass lenses.

They mentioned that they had been searching for these functions in a high bay but could not find a solution.  They had talked to multiple clients and then came to us due to our reputation for innovativeness and our ability to solve unique lighting challenges for them and others in the industry 

We showed them the concept of our new Silhouette II High-Bay while it was in the design / engineering phase. After showing the concept, we discussed the ability to add the features they were looking for and deliver a working product in only three weeks.

The standard features of the Silhouette II High-Bay include:

  • High Efficiency Integrated Mean Well Driver
  • HI-LUMEN EMC 3030 chipset / 50,000+ hour lifespan
  • IP65 Wet Location Rated
  • INPUT POWER (W): 100W / 150W / 200W
  • LUMENS: 15,000 / 22,000 / 30,000

These fixtures replace existing 300 watt – 500 watt High Bays.

For them, we:

  • took our prototype, had custom glass inserts made, created three different beam angles and added PC or Aluminum lenses where needed.
  • modified the casting to accommodate for the motion sensing.
  • changed the driver to accommodate the 0-10v dimming.

And added one last touch, we produced the lens rings in their color, and had their name etched in.

Total time from concept to completion was three weeks.

New product, added options START delivered. For more information, check out our Engineered Lighting Solutions or, for more product information, view our catalog.

High Bay-Slimline_image

Case Study: Slimline Linear High Bay

slimeline linear high bay

Modification Opportunity: Slimline Linear High Bay

A national electrical distributor had a time- sensitive opportunity that needed various options on a Linear Hi-Bay. Prior to contacting us, the distributor had inquired with three of their traditional, large, lighting providers. None could provide customization capabilities within the required time frame and all wanted a minimum of 250 pieces per needed mounting. The distributor only needed a short-run, but with a short response time.

On a recommendation, the distributor’s lighting specialist contacted START Lighting. The request was for:

  • wire guards on 100 pieces
  • pendant mounting on 100 pieces
  • chain mount on 75 pieces, and
  • motion sensing on another 75 pieces.

Four different variations totalling 350 pieces was needed in a week. START Lighting was able to complete the order in just three business days.

Our Linear High-Bay features:

  • High efficiency dimmable driver
  • High efficacy LED chipset / 50,000 hour lifespan
  • Available in 95w, 145w and 195w as well as in 4000K and 5000K
  • Rugged Steel Frame

and is DLC Premium certified.

The key was having inventory and the accessories to complete the job combined with a nimble modification assembly system designed for quick responses. 

START Lighting can modify and exisiting product, like our Linear High-Bays, to meet customer needs. For more information, check out our Engineered Lighting Solutions or, for more product information, view our catalog.

case study canopy fixtures start lighting

Case Study: Canopy Fixtures

canopy fixtures

Modification to save labor, installing on canopy fixture:

We participated in a design build for a new multi-level parking structure. The distributor brought START in and we reviewed the constraints and challenges on the build out.

The canopy the engineer had proposed was going to be too labor intensive to install, especially installing the over 300 fixtures needed in the parking structure.

We reviewed the design and offered a labor- saving mounting option, our START’s Parking Garage Canopy Luminaire Kwik-Link Series.

We designed the “Kwik Fit” option which to allowed allow the contractor to go through and mount the boxes, run the pipe, and the wire. As they completed each levelthe contractor completed each level,, they simply went back with the light engine and installed it.

The key– the contractor didn’t have to take each canopy apart to mount, run the conduit, and wire fixture to fixture, there was no need to take our canopy apart to install it! By choosing to use a canopy fixture from START Lighting with our Kwik Fit mounting option, the bottom line was a faster install with the contractor saving a substantial amount in labor.

START’s Canopy fixture features include

  • Low profile Canopy Luminaire
  • Isolated integral driver / 0-10V Dimmable
  • High Efficacy LED chipset / 50,000+ hour lifespan
  • IP65 Wet Location Rated
  • 5 Knockouts for multiple wiring options

START Lighting delivers valued engineering to help you save time and money on your next project. For more information, check out our Engineered Lighting Solutions or, for more product information, view our catalog.