Case Study: Area/Shoebox Luminaire

Area/Shoebox Luminaire

Standardization Opportunity: Area/Shoebox Luminaire

We started to work with a facility group for the lighting needs for one of their commercial properties and the surrounding parking lots. As we went through the facilities, comments were made about the lack of uniformity among the lighting. The shoeboxes didn’t match from facility- to -facility, and the area lights did not resemble (in form and function) the shoeboxes. The area looked like each fixture was installed at a different time and the aesthetics did not reflect well on the facility. The facility management group and the developer wanted a contemporary style to match the building’s image.

We shared ideas, garnered more information regarding desired lighting needs including coloration, angle beam, mounting sources and more, and delivered a solution that addressed all of the client’s needs.

We used our shoebox format which features:

  • Hi-Efficiency Integral Driver
  • HI-Lumen SMD chipset / 50,000+ hour lifespan
  • IP65 Wet Location Rated
  • Available in: 100W / 200W / 300W with a color temperature of 5000K

We added multiple mounting options including photocells, short circuit caps and quick install mountings.

After that was completed, we used the same fixtures and added separate mounting options which could be secured to the ground and wash the sides of the buildings. The fixtures were shipped with each unique mounting affixed to the appropriate fixture for installation.

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