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START Lighting Partnering with Walstar Optoelectronics

START Lighting and Walstar Optoelectronics have entered in to a strategic partnership for OEM manufacturing and product development. This partnership will allow both Companies to focus on their respective strengths, while promoting collaboration on new products, design, and technology. START Lighting will be actively involved in selling Walstar’s existing products that are currently inventoried domestically, […]

Healthy Distribution Channel

Let me put my biases aside, and write this from two perspectives. I sat on the electrical distributor side of the table for the majority of my career, I also took a gigantic leap of faith 10 years ago to be one of the first to introduce LED lighting to the market. I’ve chosen a […]

Understanding the Lifespan of LED Lamps

Transitioning from Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) and incandescent lamps to LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) raises questions of perceived product superiority. Is one better than another? Essential questions include: how much energy and money is saved as well as how much less lumens depreciate. Comparing these lighting forms is useless if you don’t evaluate the right […]