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Learn more about START Lighting’s high quality, energy-efficient LED lighting products for the commercial industry.

LED Fixtures

Hi-Power LED Flood Lights / Area Lights

Hi-Power LED floodlights provide general purpose area lighting at lower cost than mercury vapor lamps. These fixtures are particularly suited for corridor lighting, security lighting, roof top lighting, parking lots, or warehouses.


LED Canopy Fixtures

START Lighting’s LED canopy series provides efficient light output for general purpose and security lighting. Typical applications include gas stations, parking garages, walkways and entryways.


LED Downlights

The Downlight Series is ideal for remodeling or new construction projects. It’s suitable for use in apartments, shops, office buildings, retail stores, supermarkets, schools, or other lighting applications.


LED High Bay Series – Classic Style

The LED High Bay Series fixtures are designed to easily replace existing Hi-Bay’s from 100-1000watts. These fixtures deliver light directed in the specified beam angle without any light loss.


LED High Bay Series – Hi-Performance Linear

The Hi-Performance LED Linear High Bay Fixtures provide unsurpassed ambient light coverage and energy savings for indoor and outdoor applications.


Silhouette Series LED High Bays

START Lighting’s Silhouette LED High Bays are designed to deliver maximum lumens with a minimal size. Our unique driver above style, minimizes the heat dissipation from the fixture.


Linear Strip Series

START Lighting’s Hi-Performance 40W LED Linear Strip Series Fixtures provide unsurpassed light coverage and energy savings for a multiple of applications. These popular fixtures allow quick and seamless installation reducing downtime and installation costs in addition to the energy and maintenance costs savings over 5 years. With our quick mount system, lour Linear Strip Series Fixtures can be quickly mounted.


FeatherLITE™ LED Panel Lights

These LED light panels are designed for residential and commercial suspended grid ceilings. Available in 2ft x 2ft or 2ft x 4ft dimensions, panel lights easily replace existing fluorescent fixtures with up to 50% less energy consumption.


LED Shoebox Series

These LED shoebox styled area lights are designed for parking garages, walkways, building sides, and other outdoor general lighting or security lighting applications.


LED Wall Pack Lights

START Lighting’s LED Wall Packs are durable and reliable outdoor night lights. LED Wall Pack lighting fixtures are ideal for improving light on building exteriors, doorways and walkways.


LED Lamps

HID Replacement

This LED lamp is ideal for retrofiting existing HID fixtures. Available with either internal or external driver configurations, these lamps are frequently used for streets, parks, campuses and apartment complexes.


PL Lamps

START Lighting’s LED Horizontal and Vertical Mount Lamps are unique CFL replacement lamps that work with electronic ballasts to provide simple plug-n-play installation, significant energy savings, unsurpassed life, and low maintenance.


Linear T5

START Lighting’s LED T5 lamps are a great option for flourescent T5 lamp replacements, consuming up to 50% less energy than standard fluorescent lamps.


Linear and U-Bend T8

START Lighting’s LED T8 lamps are available as non ballasted and ballasted configurations. These popular retrofit lamps support both linear and U-bend applications.